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Volunteer Job Descriptions

Admissions/ Parking/ Customer Service
On-course Services
Player Services
Volunteer Services
Caddie Services
Driving Range

1. Admissions/ Parking/ Customer Service

The Admissions committee is responsible for collecting money from the spectators at the front gate

2. Marshal

Volunteers on the marshals committee are responsible for crowd and noise control on the golf course. Marshals may also be asked to be spotters for golf balls.

3. Media Services

Volunteers joining the media committee assist with the media personnel on-site with course direction and media room hosting.

4. On-course Services

Volunteers on the On-course services committee are responsible for refilling water and fruit for Tour Players

5. Player Services

Register Mackenzie Tour players on Tuesday and Wednesday of the Tournament week. Attend to other player needs such as billeting or other requirements

6. Scoring

The scoring committee is the largest committee of the tournament. There are numerous positions available in the scoring committee: Walking Scorer,Standard Bearer, Leaderboards, Starter, Runner, Scoring Central

7. Transportation

Volunteers on the transportation committee drive players to the course, host hotel and airport. This committee may also be required to transport spectators.

8. Volunteer Services

Members of the volunteer committee assist with the registration of volunteers each day and may also be asked to troubleshoot on-site by filling last minute positions.

9. Caddie Services

Responsible for assisting caddie master with maintenance of caddie tent and coordination of caddies.

10. Hospitality

Responsible for welcoming corporate guests, working registration areas to help to distribute pro-am gifting, welcoming guests and providing appropriate accreditation inside the VIP hosting areas.

11. Facilities

This role supports the set up and tear down of all of the on-site requirements.

14. Driving Range

Responsible for ensuring smooth operation with the driving range coordination for players, sponsors and clinics.